Vang Comp Thunderstick Summit – October 11-13 2024 | Fairfield, UT |


Join us in Utah for the 2024 Thunderstick Summit, sponsored by Mossberg.

Add an ammo pack and a shotgun rental so you don’t need to bring/shoot your own.
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The most comprehensive and well-rounded defensive shotgun training experience.
Featuring instructors from these world-class training outfits:
Hardwired Tactical Shooting

Active Response Training
Sentinel Concepts
American Firearms Training and Tactics
Cougar Mountain Solutions
Symtac Consulting

Here’s a preview:
-Recoil mitigation techniques.
-Efficient weapon manipulations.
-Ammunition management.
-Movement, Positional, Judgmental shooting.
-Low Light and Less Lethal blocks optional.
-Instructor Q&A Panel.
-Vendor Demos.
-Friendly Competition.
-And more!

Register for the 2nd Annual Vang Comp Thunderstick Summit!

October 11th, 12th and 13th | at FARM Training Center | in Fairfield, UT
Prerequisite: None
Cost: $750
Ammo: 500 birdshot (no steel shot), 50 buckshot, 50 slug

Recoil mitigation techniques.  Efficient weapon manipulations.  Ammunition management.  Movement, Positional, Judgmental shooting.
Optional Low-Light and Less-Lethal training blocks.

Thunderstick Summit is a 3-day training event featuring some of the top defensive shotgun trainers in the world. It is expected to gather 100 shooters from across the USA.  Well-respected firearms trainers, Darryl Bolke, Greg Ellifritz, Steve Fisher, Mark Fricke, Erick Gelhaus, Rob Haught, and Matt Haught – all specialists in the Art of the Shotgun – will showcase their unique perspectives, philosophy, and specialized exercises, drills, and accuracy evaluations tailored specifically for the contextual use of the Defensive Shotgun.

Sample a variety of condensed training blocks to improve your skillset while experiencing different curricula, teaching styles, personalities, and focus areas from the cadre of instructors.
In 2022 we did a test run of this course in Dallas, TX to an invite-only group of students and it was a huge success.  The only disappointment we heard was when they learned they would need to wait an entire year to do this again!
We followed up with Thunderstick Summit 2023 in Las Vegas and even though it was 90 degrees, everyone learned something new in a safe and productive environment.

Participants will rotate between different ranges, receiving lectures and demonstrations from each instructor. This round-robin format allows attendees to gain valuable insights and individual perspectives on the benefits and limitations of utilizing the fighting shotgun for self-defense purposes.

The training schedule for Day One, Day Two, and the initial portion of Day Three will be divided into four-hour training blocks. Following lunch on Day Three, there will be live-fire demonstrations by manufacturers, a friendly competition, and a concluding Q&A discussion with the instructors.

Lunch: Will be available on-site or you can bring your own.

Travel/Lodging: Fly into Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) where you can rent a car. We recommend booking a hotel in Lehi (closest), American Fork (middle), or Provo (furthest).  There are Airbnb’s closer to the range in the small communities of Eagle Mountain and Silverlake (as of 5/31/2024). The range is situated about a 40-minute drive from Lehi.

The FARM Training Center
Plus Code:  6V9F+F6 Fairfield, Utah
Coordinates of our range: 40.218711, -112.126906


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