Send us your barrel and we can perform the Vang Comp System modifications and then send it back to you.
Our patented barrel modification process is comprised of 3 machine operations (Lengthen forcing cone, Backbore, and Ports) that combine to offer reduced recoil, reduced muzzle rise and tighter shot patterns. 

**We do not currently work on Benelli’s, Beretta’s, shotguns with chrome-lined bores, or older shotguns that are marked 2 3/4″ only.**

We STRONGLY recommend choosing the “WITHOUT PORTS” option if you are sending a semi-auto barrel  

The current turnaround time for barrel work is between 30 and 60 business days.

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After completing your purchase, please SAFELY remove your barrel from the firearm, box up your barrel, and send it to us at this address:
5965 W Wigwam Ave Bldg 1, Las Vegas, NV 89139

Most of our clients use a poster tube or those “Medium Priority USPS tubes” to ship their barrel to us.
Be sure to include your order # on the outside of the package, and if you can include a copy of your invoice inside the package that will help avoid processing delays.

Choose WITH or WITHOUT compensation ports

VCS Barrel Mod with Ports, VCS Barrel Mod without Ports, VCS FliteControl Optimized with Ports, VCS FliteControl Optimized without Ports


  1. Christopher Whatley

    On average the Vang Comp system has taken 5″ off my 15 yard pattern with everyday 00 buck loads.

  2. Larry Simpkins

    NOW it’s a true fighting shotgun, amazing groups at 25 yds with double aught buck the guys are great and their work is amazing. Thank you Cody, Mitch and the man Mr. Hans Vang

  3. Tim W.

    I have two Vang Comp barrels…worth every penny! Patterns very tight at 25yds with even the cheapest 00 buck! Beautiful accuracy with slugs, like a rifle, and little to NO recoil…there’s nothing like them out there—nothing!! Hans is a great chap too, old school great!

  4. Matt Montgomery

    The Vang Comp barrel on my Remington 870 Police Magnum holds an unbelievably tight pattern well past 25 yards with a variety of buckshot! I’m getting ready to send in two more of my 870 barrels to get the Vang Comp treatment. The quality of their products and service is second to none!

  5. Gerry

    Before I purchased this, I spoke with Cody on the system. Very professional and lots of knowledge to make the upgrade. The world of difference with and without this system. I have the basic 870PM with nothing and an 870PM where I went all out. Dome safety, stand off device/w upgraded follower and spring, Magpul stock and the VCS. The shot group was tighter and less felt recoil. So glad I did this worth every penny!!!

  6. gre71 (verified owner)

    Had the VC System installed on my 590A1 barrel a few months ago and only today had a chance to go to the range to try it out. Awesome. Definitely reduced, manageable recoil with slugs and 00 buckshot. Shot pattern is also tighter at distance. Thanks for the excellent work!

  7. Brian k

    Best thing I have done to my Remington police mag. Groups are tight , recoil is much less. Can’t go wrong with having your barrel Vang comp!

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