Vang Comp Model 764 Mossberg 590A1 – The Standard


The VC764 is Vang Comp’s core Mossberg shotgun that is ready to rock right out of the box – but still has room for customizations and upgrades when you’re ready.
– 18.5″ Heavy-Walled Barrel with Vang Comp System and Ports
– Metal Trigger Guard
– Ghost Ring Sights
– VCS Stainless Steel Magazine Follower
– VCS Big Speed Safety
– Drilled and Tapped Receiver for Optic Bases (like our VCS Micro Red Dot Mount)
– 13″ Length Of Pull Synthetic Stock
– Tri-Rail Forend
– MIL-Spec Construction (MIL-S-3443G)
– Vang Comp Reliability Inspection
– Capacity: 6+1
– Finish: Parkerize, Cerakote on Barrel
– 37″ Overall Length
– Weight: 7lbs

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The core of this shotgun – the venerable 590A1 – is the most durable pump action shotgun Mossberg makes, and we make it even better.
This entry-level trim is designed so that people don’t pay for anything they don’t need.
Mossberg’s synthetic short stock (13″ length of pull) was chosen because it’s short, and has a good recoil pad and a sling swivel stud.
-Grab a sling if you need one, but if you don’t need a sling, then why pay extra for a stock that has a bunch of sling mounts?
The Tri-Rail forend was chosen because it has plenty of traction, which is handy for a manual-action shotgun, and it has Picatinny rails so that folks can mount a light to the shotgun without the need to go purchase (or maintain) additional light mount interfaces.
-Grab a light if you need one, and clip it right to the Picatinny rails, but if you don’t prefer a light on the forend then you get extra traction and haven’t paid extra for features you won’t use.
-Grab a side saddle if you need one, but if you’d prefer a lower-profile and “streamlined” long gun, leave it off.
Out of the box, this firearm will do everything you need a shotgun to do.
Our Vang Comp System barrel modification will reduce the felt recoil and tighten the shot/slug patterns while reducing muzzle rise and muzzle flash.
Our Big Speed Safety is made from billet aluminum and is oversized for easier switching.
Our Stainless Steel Magazine Follower is corrosion resistant, low-drag, and provides a tactile indication of “a round” or “no rounds” left in the magazine.
Our trained and experienced technicians strip each shotgun down to the main components and visually inspect everything to be sure these guns are ready to serve you.
After we do our barrel work and install our safety and follower, the shotgun is reassembled, we run two tubes worth of dummy rounds through the magazine, and the action is tested again to be doubly sure this shotgun is good to go.

So grab this shotgun and call it a day.
Whether it’s your 1st shotgun or your 10th, there’s room for The Standard Vang Comp Shotgun in everyone’s life.

Weight 128 oz
Dimensions 43 × 3 × 8 in

1 review for Vang Comp Model 764 Mossberg 590A1 – The Standard

  1. Thomas J. (verified owner)

    Great gun made even better by the Vang Comp treatment. This gun in my opinion was very well thought out. The shorter stock, tri rail forend, ghost ring sights, and heavy walled/ chokeless barrel with the Vang Comp treatment is a great combo. I added the Vang Comp shell carrier and it was icing on the cake. When I received this shotgun it did start developing a problem with the shell tube follower getting stuck when last round would exit tube. I didn’t notice because when shooting the last round it would unstick it. I contacted the team and spoke to Cody. He had me send a video and he quickly identified the problem. He said it was most likely a burr and it would probably work itself out overtime, and he said it should have been noticed by them, but was likely small enough they didn’t, and he said he stands behind their warranty. He not only paid to have the gun shipped back to them, but he also paid to have a box sent to me to ship it to them in, sinse my FFL kept the box. He then called me to let me know that the guy who fixed the mag tube wasn’t confident with the fix long term, so he wanted to send me a new shotgun and pay the FFL fee. That to me speaks on the integrity of their team. He could have just sent it back and not said anything, and seen if the problem came back up, but he didn’t. He also installed my shell carrier sisne I purchased around the same time. Great gun, great team, and a customer for life.

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