Chisel Aluminum Stock, Folding, for Mossberg 500/590/Mav88


Important Note: Mossberg pump-action shotguns feature a tang safety located on top of the receiver. Pistol grip stocks, including this Chisel Aluminum Stock, can make accessing the safety switch less intuitive compared to traditional shoulder stocks. Additionally, the optic mount on this stock makes it even more inconvenient to switch the safety because it shields the back side of the receiver.
If you don’t care about how long it takes to engage the firearm’s safety switch, and you prefer the feel of a pistol grip shotgun, you will find no better option than this Chisel Aluminum Stock. 
Simply the best pistol grip stock for a shotgun.

It’s functional, adjustable, rigid, comfortable, and straight out of a science-fiction novel.

We give Chad from Chisel Machining credit for this.  He reached out to some of the most outspoken critics of pistol grip stocks for shotguns and fixed all of their (our) complaints.  Then he put on the best recoil pad in the business, Kick-EEZ.  And then he decided to make it optics-ready.
With its built-in Trijicon RMR optic plate, the Chisel Stock is a cost-effective way of adding Red-Dot compatibility to Mossberg 500, 590, or Maverick 88 shotguns, for people who also want to add a pistol grip stock.

This ships with a Magpul MOE K2 grip included in the package, but you can install whatever AR-15 pistol grip you prefer. We do recommend something with an overmold rubber texture for even more comfortable shooting – Magpul “+” grips, Hogue, Ergo etc.

Here it is from the horse’s mouth:


CNC’d 6061 solid billet-aluminum FOLDING stock for the Mossberg 500 Series Shotguns.

“Where’s the Mossberg?”
“Anything for the 590?”

We heard you.  And we made it happen….Again!

Adjustable Length-Of-Pull in 1/4″ increments from ~11.5″ (with optional 1/2″ Kick-Eez Cheek Pad) to ~14″
Adjustable Cheek-Pad Height
Adjustable Recoil-Pad Height

IT FOLDS!  And it’s BAD ASS.  Not just “fireable” from the folded position, you can RUN it!

Did we mention it comes standard with BUILT-IN RMR MOUNTING PLATE!? Built-in design with “near eye-relief” to guarantee quick dot alignment and large field-of-view

What’s Included: (everything you need)

Heavy-duty Steel Folding “knuckle”
RMR Mounting Plate
Kick-Eez Recoil and Cheek Pad
Magpul K2 AR Grip
6 Potential QD Mounting Points
1 GrovTec Steel QD Cup (can be moved to any of the 6 locations)
And last but not least, a great relationship with an American, veteran-owned company.

Future Plans: We will be making more optic mounting plates

Fitment: This is a quick swap with all mounting hardware included.  Installation should take just a few minutes, using simple hex-bit tools.

Known Potential Fitment Issues: While not a “fitment” issue, let’s talk about the elephant in the room.  The stock safety switch SUCKS for manipulating it with a pistol grip.  We know why they put it there, but we also know why no one else does.  There are larger switches out there, and even some that kick the switch off to the side.  We do not have a recommendation on which one to go with.  Speak with the experts at Vang Comp or Sentinal Concepts for their advice.

Any accessories such as optics, quivers, lights, aftermarket rails are NOT INCLUDED, unless added to order.  We reserve the right to make design changes as we feel necessary.

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*Photos for illustrative purposes only.  No shotgun or red dot sight is included with this purchase.

Weight 16 oz


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