Vang Comp Systems front sight assembly as supplied. The front sight is steel in the white and utilizes an AR-15 style front sight assembly, located in the bag. This includes an XS tritium front sight post, a front sight detent and detent spring. The tool on the left is used for screwing the front sight into place.
To install the Vang Comp front sight, the bead base needs to be removed. This can be machined or filed off. Since we were silver soldering, we decided to heat it off. The bead base is small and heats quickly. Once it released, we immediately stopped applying heat.
Applying heat to the bead base.
Here is the barrel once the bead base was heated off. Notice the blind hole drilled in the end of the barrel used to center the bead base at the factory. Later, we will utilize this hole to index the front sight.
Once the barrel has cooled, we remove any excess factory brazing material with emery cloth.
Next, we index the front sight through the hole of the Vang Comp Systems front sight to the blind hole in the barrel. Note, the sight is hanging over the muzzle, it is slid back prior to final installation. Once the sight is indexed, make witness marks on each side with a carbide scribe.
Test fitting the front sight in place. If you look carefully, you can see the witness marks we scribed into the barrel to center the sight.
We used Brownells 355 Silvaloy Ribbon silver solder and flux. The ribbon is 1/2″ wide; the same width as the front sight, in this case.
After degreasing the end of the barrel and the front sight, the surfaces to be joined are cleaned with emery cloth and flux is applied. A piece of the silver solder ribbon is placed in between the sight and the barrel and everything is secured using a clamp and V-block. Once secured, we install the barrel back into the receiver to ensure that the sight isn’t canted.
Back outside, we heat the sight and top of the barrel. Heat Stop is applied to the rear of the sight (not shown in this pick). Once the solder flows, the piece is left to rest until it has cooled.
Removing the clamp, the front sight is now installed. The barrel now needs to be finished before the rest of the front sight assembly gets installed.
After installing the front sight detent and detent spring, the tritium front sight is simply screwed into place.
Vang Comp Systems front sight is ready for the range.

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