Ammo Pack – Thunderstick Summit


Ammunition Package for Thunderstick Summit 2024

This package includes all of the live ammunition you need for the Thunderstick Summit in 2024 (except for the optional Less-Lethal ammunition for Mark Fricke’s less-lethal training block, which will require $10 cash at the time of instruction should you want to become certified for use with Byrna Less-Lethal munitions).

This year we went with FEDERAL ammo for this package because we want this course to be about more than just clearing ammunition-related malfunctions:

  • 500 rounds of Tog Gun Lead Birdshot (steel birdshot is prohibited at this event since we’re using steel targets and don’t want ricochets).
  • 50 rounds of Flitecontrol 00 Buckshot
  • 50 rounds of TruBall Reduced Recoil Slug

Purchase of this package guarantees your ammunition is at the range on the first day of the event – transportation and storage are your responsibility after that.
For reference, this is just a little less than 3 cases of ammo.

We think this is a fair price for the quality of the ammunition included in the package, so there is no limit to the number of packages you can purchase – stock up if you can transport it.

We need to get this order input right away, so be sure to get your order in ASAP.

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Thunderstick Summit Ammo Package
Cost: $350
Ammo: 500 birdshot , 50 buckshot, 50 slug

Delivered to Thunderstick Summit 2024 on Training Day One.

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