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Pattern Tests

A common test conducted by firearm experts is known as "Shotgun Pattern Testing". Pattern Testing allows the gunsmith to view and measure a pattern of holes created by the pellets fired from a shotgun from a know distance.  This will allow for a reliable accuracy with known muzzle-to-target distance to be determined.

Patterning a shotgun is a simple but essential thing to do and is repeated with each gun, choke, load, and shooting distance. Different guns, even if they are the same model/make and with same choke can pattern differently. Different makes of shells, even if they have the same size and amount of shot and powder, can pattern differently, too.

  See DEA Results

Independent Pattern Tests
were conducted by non Vang Comp employees to verify the VangComp components and accuracy of their purchase.  These test were conducted using standard testing procedures with highest quality munitions.

  Doug's Independent Test Results

  Glenn's Independent Test Results

  Paul's Independent Test Results

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