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Frequently Asked Questions  


"Do I need to send the complete gun if I only want the Vang Comp System?"
No, you only need to send the complete gun if you want NEW SIGHTS installed.

"How long is the turn-around time for your system?"
Please see our special page devoted to this question.

"What is the difference between a Remington Express and a Police Magnum?"
The Remington Police Magnum shotgun is built heavier to withstand the abuse and pounding that police departments inflict on their gear. It has a metal trigger assembly versus the Express's plastic assembly. The Police Magnum also has heavier springs (7 lb. sear disconnect spring versus's the Express's 5 lb. disconnect spring). The Police Magnum has a 22 inch magazine spring versus a 16 inch magazine spring in the Express. The Police gun comes with a heavier lifter spring. Each Police Magnum comes with front and rear sling swivel studs. These are just some of the differences in the two guns. Remember, you get exactly what you pay for. Both models function the same and digest the same ammo, so if you are inclined to inflict this type of punishment on your guns then consider a Police Magnum. Otherwise the Express model will serve you very well.

"Do you Vang Comp 20 gauge shotguns?"
Yes we do, we are now setup for the 20 gauge shotguns.

"Do you ever have specials on your conversions?"
Yes we do have specials during the Christmas season.

"I would like you to Vang Comp my Remington 870 without the porting. Do you need the complete gun?"
No, to Vang Comp the barrel only, we do not need the complete gun.

"Can you shorten my 18 1/2" barrel to 14" if I have a cover letter from the department head?"
No, you must follow the BATF rules. We do not shorten barrels to 14"

"Can I shoot slugs out of the Vang Comp barrel?"
Yes you can! The Vang Comp System allows you to shoot whatever your shotgun will digest.

"What is the "Complete Tactical Package"?"
Tactical Package includes: Modifying the magazine tube, adding a big button safety, shorten the forend to clear for a side saddle, and install a high visibility magazine follower.

"Do you ship your shotguns to other countries?"
Yes we do! You need to call us at (928) 636-8455 so we can set up your order.

"I purchased a Remington 870 with magazine extender and put it together. Does it come with a magazine spring?"
Yes, if it is not already installed, check in the packing material.

"Do you sell just the barrels for Remington 870?"
Yes we do, please call us for availability.

"Do you modify Winchester 1300 Defenders?"
Yes we do, they are the same price as the Remington's and Mossberg's.

"Do I want barrel porting or not?"
The porting system decreases muzzle rise by up to 90%. It decreases muzzle flash by up to 50%. It is a sound investment.

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